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In the series Bending the photographs show details from other artists art installations that take on new shape through my lens; shape that stretches in to the exhibition room towards the viewer. By bending the material the photograph is mounted on, or by adding another material, these photographs are given a new form. The forming is guided by the content of each photograph. These works were exhibited alongside the works of Ingunn Fjóla Ingþórsdóttir at BERG contemporary.


"[...] Þórdís, on the other hand, exhibits photographs of colored surfaces – reminiscent of the geometric abstractions of the Paris School – but are in fact details of work by other artists. Having mounted these photographs she then creases and bends them to extend them into space. The transformation is quite subtle as the bends follow lines already in the image, as though these three dimensional extrusions were somehow caused by the geometry of the image –as though the picture was somehow taking on a shape like a fairy-tale drawing coming to life." 

Jón Proppé, Art Historian

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