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FAR 2020

Series of twelve photographs mounted on bent aluminium plates. In the exhibition Far paired with series of works by photographer Ralph Hannam. 

"Þórdís and Ralph came to photography by unconventional routes. She is an artist, using photography as her medium of choice, without focusing specifically on its technological aspects. The comfort of digital methods enables her to manipulate the images in post-production, in ways that once demanded a certain manual skill set and technical knowledge. Ralph was an amateur photographer and judging by the work he left behind, it is evident that he used photography as a means of artistic expression. They are both situated outside the realm of conventional professional photography and are for that reason free from its constraints."



"The meeting between these two artists takes place without conflict. The interplay between their work is both persuasive and uninhibited. Form itself is their motif. Light, composition and balance are of greater importance than the subject matter itself. The visual dialogue that takes place at the exhibition originates in the surrounding environment – everyday life – reminding us that beauty may be seen in surprising places."

​Ágústa Kristófersdóttir, curator

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