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Alterations 2015

Alterations is a collection of photographically distorted fragments of Gerðurs´sculptures brought into dialogue of methods and materials, forms and structures of my own with the aim of establishing the relevance of her works for contemporary art practice.


The title Alterations refers to this process of distoring photographs, from my observation of Gerður Helgadottir´s works and then transformation of it in a museum build in her honor. The title does not leave you with a poetic notion or a fictional reference but solely this idea of the connection between my work and Gerðurs´. The photographs take on an architectural form through blending with other materials such as the pedestal, referencing the sculptural element. Other materials of my sculpture are glass and black rubber. Glass is historically and mechanically linked to photographs and their processes. The use of glass also refers to the transparent negative space in Gerður’s sculptures as well as her stained glass pieces. The rubber refers to the black iron in her sculptures while being its exact opposite at the same time. The rubber material furthermore has the role of tying together the different components of each work. Opposite to Gerður´s sculptures these fragments are neatly assembled, rather than permanently smelt together.

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